Configuring AchieveIt SSO Using SAML

AchieveIt Configuration

  • Single sign on url: (We will provide you with the connection name)
  • Audience: urn:auth0:achieve-it:CONNECTION_NAME (We will provide you with the connection name)

To authenticate with AchieveIt your provider must expose an 'email' attribute with the value of your user’s email address. This must match what is used in AchieveIt or the authentication process will fail.

AchieveIt’s SAML metadata can be found here:

Provider’s Configuration

  • Sign in url - The url that AchieveIt will redirect to for your users’ login
  • X509 signing certificate - Public key of provider — encoded in PEM or CER format

Alternatively, the provider can supply AchieveIt their metadata URL instead.

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