New Feature: Metric Updates

Tracking the quantitative (metrics) and qualitative (comments and notes) progress against the items in your plans is one of the most important features in AchieveIt. Typically, you would ask the person designated as the Assigned-To user of an item to provide the current metric value along with their scheduled status update, as well as providing qualitative commentary about whether an item is On Track, Off Track, or At Risk.

Now you have a new option to update the metrics on your plan items more frequently, without submitting status updates. You can now have your users submit a Metric Update, providing the most current metric value without having to change the item status. If you are tracking a key metric in another system, you can also use our integration API to automatically feed the current metric data into AchieveIt.

Metric Updates update the metric value on a plan item, but they don't affect the Progress Update schedule. For example, you can set up a data feed to update the metric value on a plan item each day, and the Assigned To user will still get their monthly request for a progress update on the schedule you've defined. They'll submit their status update with qualitative commentary, as usual. 

Submitting a Metric Update in the Web Application

Any user that can submit a Progress Update will also have the ability to submit a Metric Update. Your users will see a new "Metric Update" option at the top of the item timeline:


Read the full help article on how to Submit a Metric Update for more details.

Submitting a Metric Update through the API

You can also automate submitting Metric Updates by using our integration API. Take a look at our API Documentation for full details.

Plan Item History and Reports

Each Metric Update is tracked as a new entry in the timeline for the plan item. Metric Updates are distinguished by a line chart icon next to the entry in the timeline.


Each Metric Update will also appear as a unique data point in charts. Since a Metric Update doesn't have a status, the data points in charts will use the color of the most recently-submitted status.


Metric Updates are Available Now

The Metric Update feature is available now to all customers. A user will see the "Update Metric" option on a plan item if that user has rights to submit a progress update for the item. Data integration capabilities are also available to all customers. If you need help setting up your data connection, or you have any questions about the Metric Update feature, contact your customer success manager or email