Submit a Metric Update

If you are tracking a metric on a plan item and the value of the metric changes more frequently than you ask for a progress update, you can submit a Metric Update for the item. The Metric Update will keep the metric value current, and the Assigned To user will still be asked to give a full status update on the schedule you've defined.

1. Select the plan item that you want to update.

2. Select the date that applies to the metric value you are entering. Click the appropriate 'Status' (if applicable), input the appropriate 'Value,' and add a 'Progress Comment' to provide context for your update.

3. Click 'Submit' to submit the new metric value.

Once you submit the Metric Update, you will see the update appear in the timeline of the plan item. 

You will also see all the Metric Updates appear in charts showing the change in metric value over time for the plan item. Since a Metric Update doesn't have a status, the data points in charts will use the color of the most recently-submitted status.