Create a Saved Search in MultiPlan View

Saved searches are a great way to easily revisit your most commonly used filters and quickly build widgets in custom dashboards.


Build a Saved Search

In MultiPlan View, begin to build your own search by selecting the plans you would like to review data from. You can select based on plan state or individual plans.



Then add any needed filters, such as current progress status, assigned user, tags, and more. Click 'Search' in the bottom right-hand corner to run your search. 


Your results will display below the filtering menu. You have a variety of options to customize how your results display. You can display charts that show summary information of current progress status, due date status, and update status, as well as lists of plan items. You can group your results as well. Your display controls are located in the right-hand corner above your search results.



To save the Search, go back into the Build Your Own Search menu by clicking the blue 'Edit' button or filter icon located at the top of the page. Click 'Save Current Search'.



Enter a name for your Saved Search. Select whether or not you’d like the search to be visible to all users using the Shared or Private toggle, then click 'Create'.



Accessing Your Saved Searches

To access your Saved Search later, toggle to the 'Run Saved Search' tab on MultiPlan View, or by using the Saved Searches option in your Plans dropdown menu. This will take you to the Saved Search management page, where you can see all of your Saved Searches.