Beta: New Charts and Improved Custom Dashboards

Welcome to the beta period for AchieveIt’s new charts and improved custom dashboards. You’ve been invited to participate because we believe our new charts and custom dashboard enhancements will benefit your team. We also hope you’ll share feedback that will help us build better charts and dashboards for all our customers.

How Beta Works

After you’ve agreed to join the beta, and let your CSM know, our product team will reach out to you to confirm which users from your organization you’d like to participate. We’ll run through the timeline (when those users can expect to see the changes live in their AchieveIt instance) and a quick overview of the changes you’ll see. We’ll also schedule a check-in call for after everyone is live with the new features, just to check in and make sure no one’s running into any trouble.

What’s Included During the Beta Period

This beta will happen in three pieces.

On June 11th, your beta users will see:

  • New charts
  • The ability to export charts
  • New look and feel for custom dashboards
  • New custom dashboard widget type: free text (including tables!)
  • The ability to move and resize widgets directly on the custom dashboard canvas

We will send a confirmation once the features are enabled.

In late June, your beta users will see:

  • Edit mode to prevent accidental moving/resizing
  • The ability to clone widgets
  • The ability to clone entire dashboards
  • The dashboard owner's name at the top of the dashboard
  • New date control options for bar and line charts

Late July/early August, your beta users will see:

  • Custom dashboard layout options: section breaks & titles
  • New PDF print options for custom dashboards
    • Change from landscape to portrait orientation

In August, these features will be enabled for all users. 

Once you're ready to turn on the new charts and dashboards for your entire organization, your scheduled custom dashboard reports will also switch to the new format.

For more examples of what these new features will look like, check out the short overview attached to this article.

Feedback, Questions, Unexpected Happenings

Have questions, feedback, or run into bugs? Email us at, or reach out directly to your CSM.   

(We love all feedback, good or bad, big or small. Whether it’s a tiny enhancement that’s making your day, to a major bug that we need to fix immediately, we want to know about it.)

We’ll also reach out periodically to hear how the new features are working for your team, get your suggestions for improvements, and run through whether our feature documentation meets your team’s needs.