Meet the New List View

We’re excited to announce the launch of the new List View. Our team has been working hard for several months to overhaul this plan view to bring you better performance, a clean and refreshed look and feel, and new functionality.


Meet the New List View


The foundation of the new list view is built on performance improvements resulting in significantly faster load times. Just think; more time back in your day, less time waiting for plans to load! In the new List View, plans with 2,000 plan items will load in less than 2 seconds.

This performance enhancement also decreases PDF download times. A small message will appear in the bottom right of your screen with the progress of your download. We’ve removed the pop up that blocks your entire screen allowing you to continue your workflow without interruption.

User messaging during download process:


New Look and Feel

The new List View is optimized for both readability and maximizing the amount of information presented in 3 specific scenarios: on-screen, projecting onto a larger screen (such as to a TV during a meeting), and in printed report format.

Action Bar

When we refer to the Action Bar, we’re referring to the gray bar that sits above the column headers. Only users who are either an admin on at least one item in the plan, or who have the ability to download Reports, will see this bar.


Bulk Actions

Users who are admins on at least one item in the plan will now see the Bulk Edit and Bulk Request Updates icons on the left side of the bar.


Users who have the ability to view reports (full access users, or those users that have a customer contributor type with the Reports permission added on) will also see the Download icon on the right.


Scrolling Headers

Below the action bar, we’ve implemented scrolling column headers, so you always know which column you’re viewing.

Hover Actions

In Classic List View, actions that a user could take on an item were displayed in the far right column of each item.


In New List View, actions are available on hover. This allows for more space to improve readability and increase font size.


The actions that are available have also changed.

In Classic List View, the actions were:

  • Open the item
  • Add Supporting Item
  • Link/Unlink Item
  • Delete Item

In New List View, the actions are:

  • Request Progress Update
    • This action allows members, assigned-to users, and admins to request a progress update for a single item.
  • Add Supporting Item
  • Link/Unlink Item
  • Delete Item

You can open the item by clicking on its name.

Apply Filters

New List View features an “Apply Filters” button that allow you to build your whole query before your search begins. This improves performance and allows you to make tweaks to your selections before the list changes. Filters won’t affect the displayed list of items until they are applied.


PDF Enhancements

The look and feel improvements also affect PDF reports. Here are a few improvements we made to PDFs:

  • Easier to read – no more gray rows, larger font size
  • Better use of space - we’ve moved the name of the plan and the applied filters to the header
  • Easier to read file names – file names are now the name of the plan followed by a time stamp of when it was downloaded
  • New time stamp - the file features a time stamp in the footer of the PDF, so you’ll always know when the report was generated
  • Clearer messaging - if there’s an error while you’re downloading the report (for example, if your internet connection briefly blips out), a small pop up will allow you to “retry” the download


Changes to Bulk Actions


In Classic List View, users would click on the “Bulk Edit” or “Request Progress Update” buttons in order to display checkboxes next to the items upon which they are admins. They could then select these items and enter the workflow for the action they chose.

In the new List View, the checkboxes are always visible. You first select the items upon which you’d like to take an action, then select whether you’d like to enter the Bulk Edit or Bulk Request Progress Updates flow, using the icons in the Action Bar.


Linked Items

The most notable change we’ve made is that linked items are no longer bulk editable. We’ve found a significant number of customers making accidental changes to linked items using Bulk Edit, not realizing those changes would affect the item in the source plan. In order to bulk edit these items, you’ll need to bulk edit them from the source plan.