Managing your Saved Searches



The Saved Search management page gives you complete control over your Saved Searches. Whenever you create a new Saved Search in the Multi-Plan view it will show up here. Selecting a Saved Search in the list will take you directly to the Multi-Plan view, with all of the filters applied in the Saved Search

If you do not have access to specific plans used as filters in a Saved Search, data will not populate for those plans. This includes data in the Multi-Plan view, reports, and custom dashboards. 


The Saved Search Page 

There are 2 tabs: one for Active Saved Searches and one for Archived Saved Searches. Archived Saved Searches are hidden throughout AchieveIt (more information on Archiving a Saved Search can be found below in the “Archiving a Saved Search” section)

Each Saved Search in the list shows two pieces of information: Its name and creator. Once created, the name of a Save Search cannot be changed.


Finding a Specific Saved Search 

To find a Saved Search, type into the text box at the top of the list. This will pare down the list to show only Saved Searches with a matching name.


Finding a Saved Search

Archiving a Saved Search

A Saved Search can be Archived by hovering over it in the list and clicking on the “Archive” icon to the right of the row.


The Archive Icon 

Before a Save Search is Archived, you will be given more information about what archiving does. If you are satisfied with these changes, click the “Archive” button. Congratulations, you have Archived a Saved Search!


Saved Search Archival Information 


Unarchiving a Saved Search

If you would like to Unarchive a Saved Search, navigate to the Archived tab at the top of the page. Similarly to Archiving a Saved Search, hover over the Saved Search you would like to Unarchive and click on the “Unarchive” icon to the right of the row. Unarchiving a Saved Search re-shows it throughout AchieveIt.


The Archived Tab


The Unarchive Icon