Refreshed Navigation

We're refreshing the main navigation in AchieveIt to make it easier to more get to your plans, notifications, and admin functions. The main structure of the navigation hasn't changed, so you will find all of the same features in the same places. The main changes you will notice are:

  • A brighter color scheme with easier-to-read text.
  • Admin functions are now under a menu that's more clearly called...Admin!
  • Richer information inside the Dashboards and Plans navigation menus.
  • A brand new page that shows all of your Custom Dashboards.
  • A cleaner Notifications panel that makes it easier to see what's changed in your plans.
  • Improved responsiveness to different screen sizes.
  • A bunch of technical upgrades under the covers that make the navigation functionality work better.

Over the next few weeks we'll be rolling out the new navigation in groups to all customers. Once your AchieveIt instance is updated, all your users will immediately see the new navigation.


Color Scheme


You'll see a brighter, higher-contrast color palette on the navigation bar that is consistent with the colors you'll see being used more throughout the rest of the application. The fonts are also larger and easier to read.


Admin Menu


All of the admin functionality is now under a menu that is (obviously!) called Admin. Previously features like user management and setting password rules was under a gear wheel icon and we found that was sometimes confusing for admin users. You'll see need to be an administrator for your AchieveIt instance to see this menu.


Dashboards and Plans Menus


We've added some helpful nuggets of information about each Custom Dashboard and Plan that you'll see right in the menu for each area. We've also given all the menus in the new navigation a facelift to make them easier to read and more welcoming to new features we have planned.


Custom Dashboards Page


All the custom dashboards that you have access to are now on one page making it easier to sort, filter, and find the exact dashboard you're looking for.


Notifications Panel


The notifications panel has a cleaner look that makes it easier to see when each event on a plan item you're watching happened.


Layout on Smaller Screens

nav-mobile-collapsed.png     nav-mobile-expanded.png

If you're using AchieveIt on a smaller screen, like your mobile phone or tablet, you'll now have better access to all the menu options. Over the coming months you'll see similar improvements to how other areas of AchieveIt function on mobile devices.