Revamped Plans Page

The new Plans page has all of the functionality of the previous version of the page, but now it also lets you Archive and Unarchive your plans directly from the plan list. Check out the all of the new features in the sections below!


The Active and Inactive / Archived Tabs


At the top of the page you will see two tabs: "Active and Inactive" and "Archived"

The Active and Inactive tab shows a list of your Active and Inactive plans. The Archived tab shows a list of all of your Archived plans. Archived plans do not show anywhere within AchieveIt and can only be seen in this list.

Note that only users who have rights to be a plan administrator, such as those with the Full Access user type, will see the tabs. Since other user types (e.g. Contributor) cannot see archived plans, they will only see the list of active plans to which they are assigned.


Create a New Plan and Find a Plan


Just below the tabs you will see a button with the text +New. Clicking this button will take you to the Create Plan page, where you can create a new plan.

To the right of the +New button is the plan finder. You can type part of the name of a plan you're looking for into this field and the list of plans will automatically update to those that match your search text.


The Plan List


The plan list shows all of the plans for the selected status (Active and Inactive or Archived). For each plan you can see the:

  • Name of the plan
  • The plan state (Active, Inactive, Archived)
  • Who created the plan
  • The plan Start Date
  • The plan Due Date
  • The total number of items in the plan
  • The number of items in each status, broken down and shown by status color

Most of these columns can be sorted, giving you more options to find the plan you need.

The last piece of information for the plan, the status breakdown, is very important. It shows how many items in the plan are currently in each status. It also shows a count of items with Late Progress Updates and a count of items that are Past Due.



The status breakdown, showing the number of items in each status



The number of items that are Past Due and the number of Late Updates in the plan (left and right, respectively)


Archiving and Unarchiving a Plan

One of the newer features added to this page is the ability to Archive and Unarchive your plans. 

By clicking on the context menu to the far right of the plan row (indicated with an ellipsis: "...") you will see an option to Archive (or Unarchive, if the plan is already Archived) the plan. When you click this you will see a dialog with more information about Archiving (or Unarchiving) a plan, giving you a chance to cancel if you don't feel comfortable doing so.



The Archive option in the context menu