Requesting a Progress Update

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Requesting a Progress Update

Administrators of a plan item have the ability to request progress updates. Requesting a progress update is a sure-fire way to make sure that your plan item's stay up-to-date; you can even immediately send a notification to the Assigned-To user letting them know you need an update! Let's take a look at the types of update requests and the request creation process.


Types of Update Requests

There are two types of update requests: Manual and Scheduled.

Manually update requests are ones that are created manually by an Administrator for a plan item. These can be created in an ad-hoc fashion and do not subscribe to a schedule.

Scheduled update requests are generated based on an item's Progress Update Schedule. 


Manually Creating Update Requests

You may feel the need to manually request an update for an item. Manually requesting a progress update can be helpful when you need information outside of an item's standard update schedule.

To manually request an update, click on the "Request Update" button at the top of your plan item's timeline. 



The Request Update button


A progress update request only requires that you specify the day or date range for which you would like an update. You can also provide a reason for the request. If you would like a notification email to be sent to the Assigned-To immediately, you can select the checkbox labeled "Immediately send *Assigned-To username* an email with this request". When you are satisfied with the provided information, you can submit the request by clicking on the "Submit" button. After submission your request will show up in the timeline, sorted using the request period you provided.



Manually creating a progress update request


Late Updates

A progress update request can become late if enough time has passed since it was created. The lateness of an update depends on a couple of settings, the most important of which is the grace period.


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