Submitting an Update

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Plan Item Updates

Plan Item Updates are an essential part of the plan execution process. Updates to the current status and metric value can be made on a plan item in several different ways. The easiest way is to click on the "Update Progress" button at the top of the timeline.



The Update Progress and Request Update buttons


Updates come in two different forms: Progress Updates and Metric Updates. You can select which type of update you would like to submit at the top of the "Update Progress" submission panel. 



Progress Update / Metric Update toggle


Progress Updates

Progress Updates are the most commonly used type of update. They contain both the current status AND metric value, allowing the submitting user to provide the most information possible for a specific period of time. Note that the metric value field will only appear if there is currently a metric on the plan item.

Metric Updates

Metric Updates only allow the user to provide an update the current metric value for a plan item. This option will only show if the plan item currently has a metric.

Both types of updates (progress and metric only) also allow the submitting user to provide a comment. The comment section is important for providing context to the update's status and metric value (if provided). 


Submitting an Update

When you submit an update you must specify the type of update (Standard or Metric Only), the new status, the new metric (if applicable), and a comment if necessary. Any user that is an Administrator, Member, or Assigned-To on a Plan Item can submit a Progress Update for it.



Adding a regular Progress Update


You can also choose to set the "As Of" date: the date "as of" which the update is accurate. This "As Of" date is important for many reasons, though for most use cases you can leave this as the default value (the current date).

Updating a Request

Another way to update a plan item is to provide an update for an Update Request. If there is a requested update for a specific period, you will almost always want to answer the request directly instead of submitting your own update for that period. To do this, find the update request entry in the timeline and fill out the form within the entry.

A Progress Update Request can be in several different states: Pending, Late, Completed. Pending and Late requests will show up as blue and orange, respectively.



A  Late Update Request


A completed request will show on the associated progress update at the bottom of the timeline entry. 



A Completed Progress Update Request


If you are an Administrator on a plan item, you may want to request updates for your plan items. If so, jump ahead to the next article to learn how to Request a Progress Update.


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