Year-end Plan Close-out & Rollover - Webinar

The time between closing out one planning cycle and embarking on a new plan can be challenging for your organization to navigate. The ability to negotiate this migration smoothly is imperative to the success of your new plan. At AchieveIt we have an abundance of experience helping our customers do exactly that.

This webinar draws from our experience and customers' successes migrating from old plans to new ones.  It includes tips and tricks such as:

  • How to conduct a retrospective of your plan
  • The simple step-by-step process to effectively close out your plan
  • How to properly kick off your new plan

Please reach out to your CSM for additional suggestions on closing out and rolling over your plan(s).

Webinar: How to Close Out Your Planning Year in AchieveIt

PowerPoint: How to Close Out Your Planning Year in AchieveIt

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