User Guide - Template

Having an empowered team of users who feel confident in their ability to execute their work in the AchieveIt platform is an integral part of setting your plans up for success. 

Our User Guide Template is a comprehensive collection covering the critical aspects of the platform we see users most commonly need additional support in order to permanently adopt.  User Guides are frequently provided to supplement training and kickoffs.  We also recommend making them readily available through file-sharing, other internal resources, or even posting into plans in AchieveIt.

The primary sections in this template are:

  1. Accessing & Navigating AchieveIt
  2. Creating & Viewing Plans
  3. Progress Updates
  4. Dashboards & Reports

We recommend partnering with your CSM to choose content that would be most helpful to your organization and users' unique needs.

Example: User Guide - Template

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