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Comments allow you to provide additional context and insights on your plan items outside of the regularly scheduled progress update cadence. Assigned Users, Members, and Administrators can all provide and post comments to a plan item’s timeline.

Comments vs. Progress Updates in AchieveIt

It’s important to understand the difference between comments and progress updates in AchieveIt. Progress updates are provided by the Assigned To user of a plan item and directly correlate to your organization’s reporting cadence. In contrast, comments can be provided by anyone added as a member or administrator on a plan item and can be added at anytime. Comments can be used to collaborate with team members in AchieveIt or to provide additional commentary outside of your regularly scheduled progress updates.

You should use comments in AchieveIt when you have supplemental context and information to provide on an item, but don’t want/need to update a plan item’s status. Comments are posted to and will remain visible in your item timeline just like progress updates.

Posting a Comment

When viewing the details of a plan item, navigate to the top of your item’s timeline. To the right of the ‘Request Update’ button, click the button with the comment box icon.



The "Add Comment" Panel

Enter your commentary in the comment text box. When finished, select the blue ‘Submit’ button beneath. Your comment will immediately save and post to the timeline.



A comment entry in the timeline

Mentioning Users

Whenever you are providing a comment you have the option to mention another user or team.

You can do this by typing the @ symbol and selecting a user or team from the dropdown. Typing more characters will filter down the list of users or teams, making it easier to find a specific user or team.


The mention dropdown

Administrators can @ mention any user from the organization within a comment, while members and assigned to users can only @ mention users who currently have access to the item.

If an administrator submits a comment with an @ mentioned user who does not currently have access to a plan item, the mentioned user will be added as a member to the plan item.

Deleting a Comment

Anyone who posts a comment can delete that comment from the timeline. To do so, hover over the comment entry in the timeline and navigate to the delete button in the top right corner of the entry. Click the button.


The Delete Comment button

After clicking the button you will be presented with a brief message asking whether or not you are sure you want to delete the comment.


The Delete Comment message

If you are comfortable with this message, go ahead and click the “Delete” button at the bottom of the comment. If you do not want to delete the comment, you can click the “Cancel” button.

Comment Information

You can view more information about a comment by hovering over a comment in the timeline and navigating to the information icon in the top right hand corner of the entry.


The Information Panel button

Clicking on this button will show an information panel with more information about the timeline entry.


The Comment Information Panel

To close this panel, click on the 'x' in the top right hand corner of the entry.

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