Change Start / Due Dates, Assigned To, and Update Frequency

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Start and Due dates

For every plan item, you have the option to set a Start Date and a Due Date. Note that if you set a Start Date, you must also choose a Due date.

To view the Start and Due Dates associated with a plan item, navigate to the Schedule & Assignment section of the Plan Item Card and expand the section (if isn’t already open) by clicking on the down arrow in the section header.


The Schedule and Assignment section

To change the Start or Due Date, hover over the section until you see edit button show in the top right corner. Click on the section to go into edit mode.

Click on either the Start or the Due date and select your preferred date from the calendar. You can change the month that is shown by using the arrows on either side of the name of the Month and Year.


The Start and Due date select

If you need to clear the Start or Due date, click the x that is shown to the right of the Due Date.

After you have chosen your preferred Start and Due dates, click the Save button at the bottom of the edit form to save your changes.

Assigned To User

The Assigned To user is primarily responsible for providing updates for a plan item. They are generally the sole owner of a plan item, however they may rely on members or administrators that have access to the item to gather information and provide updates on the item. In the end, it is the responsibility of the Assigned To user to make sure an item is updated in a timely and accurate fashion.

You can also add or remove an Assigned To user in the Schedule and Assignment section. To add an Assigned To user, hover over the section until you see edit button show in the top right corner. Click on the section to go into edit mode. You can then click the drop down and choose a user from the list. If you need to remove the individual from the Assigned To section, click the x to the right of their name.


The Assigned To select

Progress Update Frequency

In order for your plan item to start generate progress update requests automatically, you need to choose which cadence you would like it to generate them on. There are 5 different frequencies to choose from: 

  1. Daily
  2. Weekly
  3. Biweekly
  4. Monthly
  5. Quarterly

Choosing one of these frequencies, along with the Assigned To, will ensure that your plan item is generating progress update requests for the correct time periods.


The Progress Update Frequency select

Note that in the image above you can see the Weekly frequency has a special icon next to it. This icon indicates that the frequency schedule is set to inactive and that if this frequency is chosen, no progress updates will be generated for this item.

Extra Information

There are several information boxes that sit at the bottom of the Schedule and Assignment section. These info boxes give extra information about the fields in the Schedule and Assignment section and the information within them shows up based on the access level of the viewing user.


The "Extra Information" info box

If you are an administrator of a plan item, you will see an information box at the very bottom of this section that provides extra information about the progress update schedule settings that the current plan item uses. You can also click on the edit button in this info box to open the Schedule settings page.


The Schedule Settings info box

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