Managing Tags

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Tags allow you to attach a label or designation to your plan items. These tags can be used to filter down, organize, and report on plan items across a single plan or even multiple plans when you utilize the MultiPlan view.

Managing Tags

The Tag section is located on the lower right hand side of the Plan Item Card. In this section you can add and manage the Tags that are associated with a plan item. Each Plan Item can have an unlimited number of tags and anyone who is an Administrator of that plan item has the ability to add or remove tags.

To view the tags associated with your Plan Item, navigate to the Tags section of the Plan Item Card and expand the section (if it isn't already) by clicking on the down arrow in the section header.

If there are any tags associated with your Plan Item you will see them listed here.


The Tags section

If there are no tags you will see a message that says “No tags applied to this plan item”. 

Adding a Tag

To add a tag to a plan item, hover over the expanded tag section, click Edit, and type the name of the tag you would like to add. If the tag already exists on another plan item, you will see the tag name in the dropdown below the tag list. You can select the tag from the list or hit Enter to add the tag.


The tags select

If the tag has not already been created you will see a “Create” option in the dropdown.. Click the “Create” option and the tag will be created and added to this Plan Item.

To save the newly added tag, click the “Save” button at the bottom of the section. If you do not wish to add the new tag, click the “Cancel” button.


The Save and Cancel buttons (bottom right)

Once a tag is created it can be used in other Plan Items throughout your AchieveIt instance.

Removing a Tag

To remove a tag from the Plan Item hover over the tag section and click to edit. Find the tag you would like to delete and click the “X” next to the tag. To fully remove the tag, click the “Save” button at the bottom of the section. If you do not wish to remove the tag, click the “Cancel” button.


The remove tag button

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