Embed Custom Dashboard Widgets to Sharepoint

Once you have created your own custom dashboard with widgets, you can utilize the AchieveIt embed code to add those widgets to your company Sharepoint site or anywhere that accepts HTML.


To embed a widget on your Sharepoint site follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to the widget you’d like to embed on your Custom Dashboard. Click the ellipsis in the upper right hand corner of the widget and select “</> Embed”



2. Copy the Embed Widget Link by clicking the “Copy Widget Link” icon.



3. Navigate to your company Sharepoint site and select “Pages” from the left hand side.




4. Once you have selected Pages, you can either click to the existing page you’d like to add a widget or click to create a new page.


5. If editing an existing page click the “Edit” in the upper right hand corner. If creating a new page you will automatically be in “Edit” mode.


6. Once in “Edit” mode click the plus icon where you’d like to embed the widget. (You may need to hover over the section to see this)




7. Using the Search field type “Embed” and select from the search results. 



8. Click “Add Embed Code” and on the right hand side you’ll paste the embed widget link that you got from your AchieveIt dashboard in step 2.     



  1. You should now see your embedded widget on the page. Click “Publish” and you’ll be able to see the widget on your site.


Things to note:

  • Your Sharepoint Administrator may need to enable to ability for you to create a page on your site or give you the ability to edit an existing page
  • Your Sharepoint Aministrator may need to add my.achieveit.com to the list of sites that you are able to embed from
  • You can embed multiple widgets on the same page allowing you to create a customizable view into your AchieveIt dashboards