Adding a Plan Item

Plan Items are at the core of the AchieveIt platform. They store all of the important information within your plans and allow you to track your projects from beginning to end. Whether you're a veteran Achiever or totally new to the platform, the guides below will give you a comprehensive look into adding plan items to your plans.

Adding a Plan Item

AchieveIt plans are structured like a tree; for that reason, a plan item always needs to be added below a parent item. There are several different views in which you can add plan items:

Tree View

In the Tree View, each of the plan items are laid out in a tree pattern. On each of the items in the plan, you will see a small + button in the bottom right-hand corner. Click on this button to open the Add Plan Item Card.


Add Supporting Item button on a plan item in the Tree View

List View

In the List View, each of the plan items are shown as a row in a list. On the right-hand side of each plan item row there is a ... button. Clicking this button will open a dropdown. Click on the "Add Supporting Item" option to open the Add Plan Item Card.


The Add Supporting Item option on a plan item in the List View

Gantt View

In the Gantt View, each of the plan items are shown as a row in the Gantt chart. On the left-hand side of each plan item, just to the left of the plan item name, there is a + button. Clicking on this button will open the Add Plan Item Card.


The Add Supporting Item button on a plan item in the Gantt View

The Add Plan Item Card


The Add Plan Item Card allows you to enter all of the basic (and some more advanced) information while creating a plan item. It is broken down into two different information sections: Basic (left side) and Additional (right side) information.

Filling out the information

The basic information for a plan item includes the Name, Description, Initial Status, Alignment (Parent of Item), and Level. All other information can input on the right side of the card and is optional, including a metric, scheduling and assignment information, user access, and tags. If you are familiar with the Plan Item Card, these sections will look very familiar... in fact they are exactly the same as in the Plan Item Card! If you are interested in learning about these sections and the information within them, check out our documentation on the Plan Item Card: Plan Item Card Overview

Adding the Plan Item

Once you are satisfied with all of the information you have input for your plan item, you can click on the 'Create Item' button in the bottom right-hand corner of the card. This will close the card and show the newly created item in whichever view you created the item in (List View, Tree View, or Gantt View). 

If you would like to create this plan item and add another immediately, you can click on the 'Create & Add Another'. This is helpful when you are creating a bunch of items underneath the same parent, because the alignment field keeps the same value between additions.


The 'Create & Add Another' and 'Create Item' buttons

If you are planning on creating a few plan items that have very similar information in them (e.g. similar names or metrics) you can select the 'Copy Current Values' checkbox before you add the plan item. This will reopen the Add Plan Item Card after the item is added and pre-populate all of the fields with the same information as the plan item you just created.


The 'Copy Current Values' checkbox