All New: Custom Dashboards


We are happy to announce the new version of Custom Dashboards!

The new version of Custom Dashboards has a lot to offer, including some brand new functionality including:

  • Zoom: You can now zoom in and out of a dashboard, giving you the ability to see more (or less) of your dashboard at once.
  • Page Break Indicators: You can now see where the pages will break in the PDF printout of a dashboard, right in the web view!
  • PDF Options: You can now select from several different view options when printing out a dashboard including a custom header title, showing and hiding your organization's logo, and custom footer options like date and page number formatting.
  • New method for adding a widget: When you are adding a new widget, you can now choose where you want it to be placed, instead of the new widget always showing up at the bottom of the dashboard
  • Current Editors: You can now see all of the users who are currently editing a dashboard.

Alongside these new features we also welcome a new look and feel to the dashboards. All of the current widgets will still function exactly as they did in the previous version.

When you receive access to the new Custom Dashboards, you will see an upgrade button. Clicking on this "Upgrade" button will take you through a process that upgrades that dashboard to the newest version. You can decide to upgrade a dashboard at any time and can upgrade each of your dashboards independently of each other. 

Before full upgrading your dashboard, you will be able to see your dashboard in the new format and will be able to make any changes to its format before finishing the upgrade.

For more information on the new version of the Custom Dashboards, check out our Custom Dashboard documentation.