Setting the Dashboard PDF Options

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Whenever a user directly downloads a dashboard or receives a dashboard as an attachment within an email, the file will be in PDF format. There are several options that you can choose from while setting up how your dashboard will look in PDF format.

To view and change these options, navigate to the ... button in the dashboard and select the "PDF Options" option in the dropdown. 

The PDF Options Window

The PDF Options window gives you the ability to set how your dashboard look when they are downloaded or sent as attachments in emails. 


The PDF Options Window

In the header, you can:

  • Show / Hide your organization's logo
  • Show / Hide the dashboard title
    • If shown, you can also use a Custom PDF Title, instead of the dashboard title


Header Settings

In the footer, you can:

  • Show / Hide the timestamp
    • If shown, you can format the timestamp
  • Show / Hide the page counts
    • If shown, you can format the page numbers


Timestamp format settings

The Preview

As you make changes to the settings, you will see the preview on the right side of the window reflect those changes. 


Whenever you are comfortable with the changes you have made, you can save them by clicking on the "Save" button in the bottom right corner of the window. If you are not satisfied with you changes you have made in this window. 

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