Giving Access to a Dashboard

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As a dashboard editor, you have the ability to give dashboard access to other users within your organization. Giving access to your dashboard is easy and can be done from a single window, the "Dashboard Access" window. 

To get to this window, navigate to your dashboard and click on the ... button on the right side of the header. In the dropdown, click on the "Access" option.


The Access option in the dashboard's ... menu

The Dashboard Access Window

The Dashboard Access Window allows you to give dashboard access to other users in your organization. By default, only the editor of the dashboard has access to a dashboard.

Giving Dashboard Access

To give access to other users (or teams), click on the "Add Users / Teams..." button in the top right of the window. 


The Access Window

After clicking on the "Add Users / Teams..." button, you will be presented with a list of users / teams within your organization. To select users / teams, click on the Viewer or Editor radio box to the right of the users / team rows within the list. You can also select the checkbox to the left of the user / team name, which will automatically select that row as a Viewer.

Dashboard Access Roles

  • Viewers have access to view the dashboard and cannot edit the dashboard.
  • Editors have access to edit, copy, and delete the dashboard, give access to other users, and schedule reports with the dashboard. 

Users and Teams

  • Giving a specific access role to a User (Viewer / Editor) will give them the rights specified for that role.
  • Giving a specific access role to a Team (View / Editor), all users within the team will be given the rights specified for that role.


The Add User / Teams List

Once you have selected the users / teams you want to give access, click on the "Save" button in the bottom right corner of the window. If you are unsatisfied with the selections you have made, you can cancel at any point by clicking on the either the "Cancel" or "X" button.

Editing Dashboard Access Role

After selecting which users / teams to give access to, you will see the list of users in the Dashboard Access window.


If you want to edit the access role for a user / team, click on the role in the user / team row) and select which role you would prefer for that user from the dropdown.


The Access Role dropdown

Congratulations, you have given users access to your dashboard! 

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