Creating a Custom Dashboard

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Watch the short video here to learn how to create a dashboard, or follow the step by step directions below. 

Creating a Custom Dashboard is easy: To start, navigate to the "Dashboards" button in the navigation bar and select "Create a Dashboard" from the list on the left side of the dropdown.


The dashboard navigation bar dropdown

The Create New Dashboard Window

After selecting this option, you will be presented with the "Create New Dashboard" window. In this window you can choose your dashboard's name, select the PDF page orientation, and give other users access.


The Create New Dashboard window

A Dashboard Name

A custom dashboard's name must be unique and be a maximum of 300 characters long.

Default PDF Page Orientation

The default PDF page orientation can be set to either Landscape or Portrait. Don't worry too much about this setting... the PDF page orientation can be changed in the dashboard settings later on.

In terms of widget layout: In Landscape, you can see in the picture above that 4 standard widgets can fit vertically on the page. In Portrait, 5 widgets can fit vertically. In both Landscape and Portrait, 6 widgets can be fit horizontally.

Access to the Dashboard

There are 2 levels of dashboard access that can be given to users: Viewer and Editor.

Viewers can see the dashboard and interact with the clickthrough actions in the widgets. (e.g. opening a plan item by clicking on a metric widget).

Editors can view dashboards as well, but also have the ability to edit, resize, add, and delete the widgets on a dashboard. Editors can also change all of the settings for a dashboard including the PDF options

In the Create New Dashboard window, you can choose to only give access to yourself by keeping the Just Me option selected.

If you want to give access to others, select the Allow Others option. Doing so will show a list of users in your organization. You can give either Viewer or Editor access to users in your organization by clicking on the Viewer or Editor radio buttons on the right side of the list. Selecting the checkbox to the left of a user's name will automatically set them as a Viewer.


The user access grid

When you are satisfied with the name, default PDF page orientation, and user access for your new dashboard, click on the Save Dashboard button in the bottom right corner of the window. If you do not want to create the dashboard, click on either the X button in the top right of the window or the Cancel button in the footer, next to the Create button. 


The Cancel and Save Dashboard buttons

Saving your dashboard will take you directly to the dashboard workspace. Check out the next article to learn more about the dashboard workspace.

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