Recent Enhancements to Custom Dashboards, List View, and Plan Item Card

What's Available Now

As of 6/9/22, we released several enhancements that touched major areas of the system. Those areas are Custom Dashboards, List View, and the Plan Item Card. It is important to note that the new functionality we released for the Custom Dashboards will only be available for upgraded (V3) dashboards. Please reach out to your Customer Success manager if you have any questions or send us a note to

Custom Dashboards

Reorder Column on Table Widget

Users can now reorder columns in the table widget. This new functionality for the table widget works exactly how the column layout button works in List View. Users can now choose what columns they want to see and order them on the table however they would like to. List Widgets currently only allow for reordering, they don’t support freezing columns in this version.


Column layout ordering

Line/Column Chart Widgets - Visual treatment of “No data for Timeframe” error

Users are now able to see the x and y axis of the chart, as well as any simple or advanced metric goals if there is no data to display for the selected time frame.



Embed External Content Using Iframes

As part of a group of new functionality introduced for the Custom Content widget, users can now embed HTML pages in the widget. Whether it's a public facing website or a page on an intranet, users can now display those in Iframes in Custom Dashboards.


Iframe embed button location


Iframe embed settings


Iframe embed example

Advanced Code Editor

We made enhancements to our source code editor that will allow for a better user experience. One of the enhancements is the nice color coding of the HTML tags and another is the ability for the user to expand or collapse sections of code that are inside specific HTML elements.


Source code editor button location


Advanced Tables

Another new function within the Custom Content widget is the Advanced Tables feature. Users can now build tables within the Custom Content widget utilizing actions that are in line with what you would experience using Excel. You can do things like merge and split Cells, Insert Rows Before or After, Cut/Copy/ Paste Rows or Columns, as well as Sorting. We’ve also added the ability to add Alpha or Numeric ordering to the table. This can be added to the table at any point in time.


Advanced table button location inside Custom Content widget


Row ordering button location

Plan List View

Assigned To Email Address column

We’ve made some additions to the column selections for the List View and List Widget. We’ve now added a column that shows the Assigned To User’s email address. This allows a user to quickly gather email addresses for Assigned To User’s for a specific plan by downloading the plan in a variety of formats.


Last Progress Update User column

Another column we added is the Last Progress Update User. Now users are able to see from the List View who the last user was to make an update and also know what role that individual was in, whether it’s an Assigned To User, Member, or Administrator.


Plan Item Card

Month/Year Date Picker

We've made some enhancements to the UX regarding how a user can input dates for the Start and Due date section of the Plan Item Card. Now the user is able to select the month and/or year from the dropdown menu at the top of the date picker, making it easier to choose those dates that may be far in the future.



Remember the expand/collapse state for each section of the Plan Item Card

Now when a user expands or collapses certain sections of the Item Details of an item, the system will retain those expand and collapse states for any future items opened. It’s important to note that this is browser specific so if you happen to switch browsers, your current expand/collapse state will not be inherited.