Contributor User Guide

Simple Steps for Executing Your Business Plans

You have been selected to provide progress updates for strategic and operational plans to help achieve your organization’s goals and objectives. In just a few clicks of the mouse, you will be able to provide your progress updates quickly and easily.                                                                                                                    

Prep Work: This part has already been completed for you!

Based on the goals of your organization, your assignments have already been created.  When appropriate, start dates, due dates and how often you should provide progress updates were identified for your assignments.


New Assignment Email Notifications

When your project plan has been activated, you will receive an email from informing you of all your assignments related to your plan. If you have assignments in more than one plan, you will see one consolidated email listing all assignments.

There is no action required from you regarding this email. This email is truly to inform you of your upcoming assignments.


Progress Update Email Notifications

On a regular basis, you will receive reminders about your assignments asking you to provide a progress update about certain time periods. Select 'Click to Update All' to provide your updates.


Providing Progress Updates

Within the link, you will be able to provide a progress update date, status, and comment about your assignment. If your assignment is a measurable item, you will also see a field available for the Metric.

Once you mark an assignment Achieved, Not Achieved or Canceled the software will no longer send you an alert about this assignment for the rest of the plan cycle.


Optional: Logging In and Providing Updates

Although the majority of your interactions will occur through the automated emails, you always have the option to log into the system and provide progress updates as well.

Navigate to

Enter your email address and password. Confirm your temporary password with your plan administrator.

If your password does not work, you can reset it yourself by clicking the “Reset Password” link just beneath the login button. Or you can call our 24-help desk at (866) 438-8993.


Personal Dashboard

All of your assignments will be visible on your Personal Dashboard when you first log in.  Each column is sortable by clicking on the header.

You can update any of your assignments by clicking on the “Name” or “Status.” Then you will be able to click the “Update Progress” button.


Viewing Your Plan           

In addition to your personal dashboard, you also have access to see the entire plan. To view the plan, navigate to the Plans menu, and click the plan you would like to view.


It will open the screen to the Tree View which shows you a visual of how all the plan assignments are connected together. To navigate the tree, click the bottom left triangle to expand and collapse parts of the plan.

For another view, in the upper right hand corner, you can toggle between the Tree View and the List View.   The List View can give you more context around the Due Dates, Assigned To and Last Comments that have been provided.



Be sure to download the article attached to this tutorial.