Copy a Plan

If you a plan admin, and you'd like to duplicate a plan, follow these steps. 

1.  Create a new plan. For more information on how to do this, check out our Add a Plan help article.



2.  Open the plan you'd like to duplicate and toggle to List View.



3. Select the plan items (or select the entire plan using the Select All checkbox in the column header) you'd like to copy. Then, click the Bulk Edit icon. 


4. In the Bulk Edit workflow, scroll down until you see the Copy option. You'll need to select which Plan you'd like to copy the items to (the new plan you created in step 1). Then select the item you'd like to copy them under (this will most likely be the top plan item.) Check the Deep Copy checkbox if you'd like all item information and history to be copied over with your items. Click "Continue".



5. Confirm your changes. 



6. Once your items have been copied, you'll see the following Finished screen. You can click the "Back to Plan" button to return to the original plan.