How to Create a Team

Creating teams is a quick and easy way to group people together by department, business unit, or functional area. Once a team is created you can add the team as a member or admin of plans or plan items, add teams as viewers of custom dashboards, use the Team Dashboard to see which projects your teams are involved in, and search across plans by Team using the MultiPlan View.   

Does your Executive Team need to see a monthly report? Create an Executive Team and you’ll quickly be able to schedule a report to the entire team! 

Do you have a Strategy Team that needs to edit and manage your plans? Create a Strategy Team to quickly add everyone as an admin to all plans. 

Please note: Team members will need to be Full Access users in order to edit plans. 

Watch the video or follow the steps below to create a team.


1.  Make sure you are a User Manager.

2.  Select the Admin menu then select the Teams option.


3.  Click ‘+ Add Team’ button, located just above the right-hand corner of the search bar.

4.  After the ‘+Add Team’ dialog has appeared, input the required information:

  • Team Name 
  • Supervising Team, if needed 
  • Members of your Team 
  • Team Lead 


5.  Click the ‘Add Team button, and you’ll be able to see the new team added to the Teams list.  


Read this article to learn more about editing an existing team.