Effectively Using Custom Dashboards

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Custom dashboards provide a great way for organizations to create insightful reports that visualize updates and progress from plans, saved searches that can encompass multiple plans, or individual itemsRather than using cumbersome manual processes to compile and generate reports, use custom dashboards in AchieveIt to automate the process of generating and distributing customized reports that include the most current and relevant information. 

(Read this article for examples of how to use custom dashboards, then hop over to building custom dashboards and scheduling custom dashboard reports to get started building your own.) 

Effectively Using Custom Dashboards

Our most successful customers highly utilize dashboards. Here are a few examples of the types of dashboards you can build using AchieveIt:

Example 1


Example 2 


Quarterly Reporting

Quarterly dashboard that features performance for the quarter for department or team leads 

  • You can build a dashboard that gets monthly and communicates the progress towards the current quarter’s goals 
  • You can build a dashboard that goes out quarterly and only communicates the quarter’s final results  
  • You can compare the current quarter’s results with the prior quarter’s results 
  • You could also show the current quarter’s results with a quick overview of how you’re progressing towards annual goals  

Monthly Reporting

  • Monthly dashboard status review of a portfolio of projects by the Project Management Office 
  • Monthly dashboard to review progress with strategic plan for senior executives 

Weekly Reporting

  • Weekly dashboard for plan administrators and champions to more closely monitor activity 

Daily Reporting

  • Daily dashboard that summaries updates for critical operational metrics from the previous day 

General Purposes

  • Dashboard that monitors return on capital initiatives/investments 
  • Dashboard built for a specific executive, that focuses on items that have been assigned to their team 
  • Dashboard for Department Heads to see how they and their counterparts in other departments are progressing 
  • Dashboard for a service line across all hospitals within a service networkDashboard of KPIs for a specific department or service line 
  • Year-end summary dashboard that highlights successes, progress, and challenges for senior executives and everyone in the organization 
  • Dashboard focused on a single, critical, long-term initiative with many moving parts 
  • Dashboard designed to be an interactive agenda for specific meetings 

Learn more about scheduling dashboard reports here.