How to Edit an Existing Team

You’ve created various teams to group people together by department, business unit, or function. But what happens when people come and go from teams? AchieveIt allows you to quickly and easily add and remove users from pre-existing teams. Below you’ll see the steps to rename your team or add/remove any team members. 

1.  Make sure you are a User Manager.

2. Select the Admin menu then select the Teams option.



3.  You’ll see a list of teams you can edit. Select the specific team that you’d like to edit. 


4.  To edit the name of the team, click on the pencil icon next to the team name. To delete the team altogether, click on the ‘Delete Team’ button on the upper righthand corner of the page.  


5.  To add new members, click ‘+ Add Members’.  

     To remove any members, click the trash can to the right of their name 

     To select a new team lead, click on the Star icon in front of the new team lead’s name. 


Please note: you will not be able to remove an existing Team Lead. You will first need to select a new team lead by clicking on the star icon in front of their name. You can then remove the old team lead from your team.  

If you need to learn how to create a team – click here.